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Includes personalized workout program without meal plan

*Monthly programs require a 5-month minimum commitment and one-time, refundable deposit of $300 to be returned after commitment period ends.


Add-on nutrition coaching only for clients enrolling in training programs. Initial program design is $75, and additional updates to be customized on an as-needed basis for $45 per update (to be invoiced at the time of future nutrition plan updates).

*Monthly programs require a 5-month minimum commitment and one-time, refundable deposit of $300 to be returned after commitment period ends

Click your desired program to be taken directly to PayPal checkout

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  1. Pick your program option and complete your sign-up via PayPal.

  2. After payment is made, you will receive an invitation to download your personal mobile app. *NOTE: Invitations are sent manually, so there may be a delay (up to 1 business day) in receiving the app invitation.

  3. After you've downloaded the app, complete its setup by filling out the consultation form.

  4. I will review your consultation form and reach out to you with any questions.

  5. I'll begin creating your program, which will be sent to you within one week (day 1 of your program will be scheduled for Monday, regardless of the date it is sent).

  6. If you have any questions, we can discuss them via the in-app messaging or email, whichever you prefer.

  7. We will continuously update your program, as explained in the program details, to get results!


Even though it's not always possible to meet face-to-face, my goal as a trainer is to offer each of my clients an in-depth, personal experience. My online programs include:

  • Workout program specifically designed for your body type and goals

    • Training breakdown includes sets, reps, rest period, pairing, and execution tips​

    • Cardio routines (HIIT and/or LISS) to maximize fat loss and maintain lean muscle mass

    • Bi-weekly program updates based on your progress

  • Nutrition program designed to fit your lifestyle and compliment your workout program

    • Tailored macronutrients based on your current body composition​

    • Multiple program options available based on your preference (IIFYM, carb cycling, carb backloading, etc.)

    • Extensive shopping list with healthy food examples

    • Periodic updates based on your progress

  • Personal mobile app, which houses both your workout and nutrition programs

    • Calendar view of your workout program​ (including cardio)

    • Instant access to all details of each individual workout (also printable)

    • Instructional videos for each exercise included in your workouts

    • Accountability - mark workouts as complete after you've finished that day

    • Option to track amount of weight used for each exercise to monitor your progress

    • MyFitnessPal linking capability to easily track your macros alongside your nutrition program and allow me to view your daily calories/macros and make recommendations/help you stay accountable

    • Progress photo album and reminders to upload progress photos when required

    • Optional reminders (via phone notifications and/or email) to log your workouts

    • In-app messaging similar to text for direct access to me

    • Access via computer if mobile app isn't accessible

  • Bi-weekly check-ins to assess your progress

  • Recommended supplement list 

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If you have any questions, please email me at​

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I personally endorse Abel Albonetti as an excellent personal trainer and professional model.  For over 6 years I have been fortunate to work with Abel as a personal trainer.  He brings a wealth of personal fitness knowledge and assorted people skills to connect, inspire, and facilitate individual’s goal achievements. 


As a professional model, Abel exhibits the “All American” persona and maintains a positive willingness to adapt to any environment. 


Based on my professional career in sales and management for the past 40 years, I would strongly encourage and recommend Abel Albonetti for employment.


"During my time with Abel I experienced a physical and mental – strength - metamorphosis.  I have lost 43 pounds and 4” off my waist.  I weigh in at a cool 199 pounds and fit easily into 34/34’s - and can do thirty pushups.  At 242 pounds, even in 38/34 pants I had to suck my gut in and use the very last hole on my belt.  Now I am the reverse.  I use last whole- smallest possible configuration - on my belt to accommodate my much-reduced waistline."


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